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Christmas Party of "The secret" vol.1 - "ザ・シークレット"のクリスマスパーティ vol.1 -

懸賞 2008年 12月 26日 懸賞

(English following Japanese)

Christmas Party of \"The secret\" vol.1 - \"ザ・シークレット\"のクリスマスパーティ vol.1 -_f0186787_184137.jpg


場所はニュー・オータニの「鳳凰の間」。 豪華絢爛な素敵なお部屋でした♪



サウンド・セラピーのAIKAさん (http://aika.tv/
「ツキを呼ぶ魔法の言葉」の五日市剛さん (工学博士・100万部売れている「ツキを呼ぶ魔法の言葉」の著者 http://www.itsukaichi.jp/
末期がんから蘇生した寺山心一翁さん(超越意識研究所所長・サトルエネルギー学会理事ほか 「がんが消えた」「フィンドフォーンへのいざない」の著者 http://www.shin-terayama.jp/


びっくりしたのは、ほとんどの方が非常にスピリチュアルなお仕事をされているということ(ヒーリングや、クレアボヤンス(透視)や、自己啓発系など)・・ 20人近く交換した名刺の中で、スピリチュアルなお仕事の方は約8、9割くらいでした。





この本は、引き寄せの法則について書かれており、哲学者だけでなく、物理学者や量子物理学者、医師の人が、その法則について分かりやすく語っているので、おススメです♪ (科学的にも実証されているのです。)

実は、映像(DVD)もあります! DVDが先にできたのですが、本は、DVDの内容にプラスアルファ、DVDを見た人たちの実際の具体的な体験談をも盛り込んでいます♪ よりイメージがしやすいので、映像も超お勧めです♪


イメージ、そして感謝が大事です♪ 2009年、自分が大いに楽しく笑っている姿を描きましょう♪
夢がどんどん叶っている姿を描き、すでに叶ったと感謝し感じましょう♪ そして、自分の体に感謝しましょう♪


I joined the Christmas party of "The Secret" in Tokyo, yesterday, on Christmas.

It was soooo great !!

The place was the room of "Ho-" at Hotel New Otani. It was a gorgeous and luxurious room.
(Food was also excellent !)

Guests were really great members !!

The organizer is Miyoko Sano who translated "The Secret" to Japanese. (*http://mimi.livedoor.biz/)

Guests are..

Also same translators of "The Secret"; Mr. & Mrs. Koya & Akiko Yamakawa (*http://www2.gol.com/users/angel/),
Sound therapist; Aika (*http://aika.tv/),
Doctor of engineering; Tsuyoshi Itsukaichi (Writer of "Tsuki wo yobu Mahoh no Kotoba" - Magic words which call luck - *http://www.itsukaichi.jp/),
The person who resurged from terminal cancer; Shin Terayama (Writer of "Gan ga kieta" - Cancer disappeared- and the president of "Transcendental Conscious Laboratory" *http://www.shin-terayama.jp/),
(* Those information are Japanese.., sorry...)

And, more special thing was I could know a lot of nice new people.

What I got surprised was, there were so many people who work in spiritual jobs (Like a healing, clairvoyance, and self-development related works, etc..). I exchanged about 20 of my name cards with new people, then, 80% ~ 90 % was spiritual workers.
Even people who is not working in spiritual related job, but, they are also interested in spiritual things.
Well... I must say, "spiritual" is needed in any jobs and any industry, and it is also the spirit needed for our lives very much.

(Because it is the law of Universe.)

That's why the facts many industries have to wake up in spiritual happen in the world, right now... means we are realized chasing the profit of ourselves is not needed, needed to be "Industry of Heart" considering about other people and touching people's hearts.

So... as I mentioned on the column "Crystal Angel", a lot of angels and invisible existences are working over us for up grade of mental of the earth.

If you have no read "The Secret", yet, I do recommend to read. : )

This book is about the law of attraction, not only philosophers but also scientists, a quantum physicist, and doctors are explaining about the law. So, it is very easy to understand. (It was established scientifically.) And you will know, it is really important and needed thing for your life.
The book is the best in my life, so far. : )

There is also DVD of "The Secret", it's made first, then the book includes contents of the DVD, and plus it has also other narratives of audiences which watched the DVD.
I do recommend also DVD, easy to understand and image.

There were 240 people in the party !!
And, there were a lot of gifts with lottery, it's so much fun and great party !

We imaged great 2009 in the party, together.
Imagination and Gratitude are important. Image you are laughing happily in 2009 !
Image your came true, and apprecitate for that the dream already came true and feel it ! And appreciate your body !

I will update more details of impressions.

by naomiangel | 2008-12-26 17:43 | Happiness-Law 幸せの法則

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