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Kotodama (power of words) Vol.2 - 言霊 (ことばの力) Vol.2 -

懸賞 2009年 02月 13日 懸賞

(English following Japanese)

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It's following to the column of 11th Feb.
Please read Vol.1 at first. : )

Did you get any result or change after you said "Thank you" to one hand ??

When I tried telling people around me, everyone got the change.
(among people, the youngest was 8 years old girl to oldest was 60's)
The people who said "there was no change !" also tried it again with me, she checked the wrinkles of wrists and took more time, then, she got a big result, and smiled. : )

さて、なんでこんなことが起きるのでしょう? 笑
Well, why it happens to us ? : )

Because, there is energy in words.

And, you know what ? it's also demonstrated scientifically.

Do you know "The Message from Water" ?
これは、江本 勝(えもと まさる)さんという博士が行った実験です。
This is the experiment by Doctor Masaru Emoto.

The experiment is to use same water and sepalate in some bottols, then, paste the paper written different words on the bottoles, and watch the crystal of water in each bottol.

First, the photos of crystals of water which saw negative words..

でも・・結晶にもなっていないくらいの衝撃的な写真です。(More をクリックしてください。)
But, the water couldn't make crystal after they saw those negative words. ( click More)

「ばかやろう」 ("You Fool" in Japanese)

"You Fool" (英語で「ばかやろう」の意味)

「ムカツク・殺す」"You Make Me Sick, I Will Kill You" in Japanese

下の写真をクリックすると文字が読めます。 なかなか面白い(?)ことが書かれています。
You can read words in this below photo if you click the photo.
It's written something interesting(?). Music also has different energies.

This is the photo of P87 mentioned in the above topic. ↓ The crystal of water exposed to heavy metal music.
The water made beautiful crystals when they listened to classic music.

Next, the photos of crystals of water which saw "Thank you".

「ありがとう」("Thank You" in Japanese.)

左「カムサムニダ」(韓国語で「ありがとう」) 右「Thank You」(英語で「ありがとう」)
Left "Thank You" in Korean, right "Thank You" in English.

You can read words in this below photo if you click the photo.

Everyone, do you know what 70% of our bodies are made from ?

そうです、「」ですね !
Yes, "Water" !

In fact, our bodies are also effected by the words which we use.

たとえ、人の悪口を言っても、言った本人の体や細胞に悪い影響を与えます。 自分の人生も悪くしてしまいます。
If you said something bad to other people, you give bad effect to your bodies and cell by yourself. And even your life will also become worse.

自分のことはもちろん、人の良いところを見つけて褒める人は、自分の体も人生もより良くなっていきます。 実際、いつも人のことを良く言う人は美しい女性や、素敵な男性が多いですよね。^^
Of course not only to yourself, if you find something good in others and admire them, then, your body and life become better. Actually, most of people who always admire others very well are beautiful women or nice men. : )

それで、きっと「ありがとう」というと、手が伸びるんですね。 (この理由は私なりの解釈です。)
That's why, when we say "Thank you" to our hand, the hand became bigger. (This reason is guessed by me.)

「ありがとう」という言葉はよりよい状態を作るみたいです。 つまり、より健康になり、より美しくなる、といった、すべてのよりよい状態を作るようです。
But, I think, The word "Thank You" makes better condition. Like become better health, become more beautiful, "Thank You" makes better condition for everything.

So, Mr. Terayama also treated his cancer by "Thank You".

私の愛犬Bちゃんは、背中に脂肪のコブが2つできていて、手術しなきゃね・・と母と話していたのですが、手の「ありがとう」実験を知ってから、Bちゃんのコブをひとつ試しに「ありがとう」と心をこめて手を当てたんです。 すると、「ありがとう」と言いつづけたコブが1~2週間でみるみるちっちゃくなってしまいました。 母もびっくり。 それで、今、もうひとつのコブに対しても「ありがとう」ヒーリングを時間があるときにしょっちゅう行っているところです。^^
My angel dog; B-chan has 2 hunches of fat, and my mother and I was talking she needed a surgery, but, after I knew the experiment of "Thank You" with hands, I put my hand to her one hunch and kept to say "Thank You" for 1 ~ 2 weeks. Then, the hunch became smaller !! My mother also got so surprised. So, now, I'm trying it to the other one when I have a time. : )

※ここで・・私なりの解釈なんですが、動物はネガティブなことはあまり思わないので、他者(人間)によるヒーリングがとっても効くんだと思います。 人間に対しては、他の人がやっても効果はありますが、やっぱり、「本人」自身もポジティブに良い言葉を使ったり、心や体の中をよいエネルギーで満たしていく必要があると思います。 他者がいくらがんばってヒーリングをしても、本人がとてもネガティブだったら、叶わないのでは・・と私は考えます。
* Now, I think, animals are not negative thinking, so, the healing by other's (humanbeing's) works on them. For human, the healing by other people also will work sometimes, but, I think, they (sick people) also need to use good words positively and make the inside (heart & body) full with good energy by themselves. If other people heal sick people with their(healers) best, but if the sick people were very negative, then, I think it is very difficult to make it work..

左「天使」 右「悪魔」
There are a lot of different photos in the book, but, for the last, I want to show you the photo of crystals of "Angel" and "Devil".
Left "Angel" Right "Devil" (both in Japanese)
When they chose one photo of "Devil", they chose the most beautiful photo of "Devil" of all.

それから、「Water」という映画も作られたみたいですね♪ 今日、ネットで調べていて初めて知りました。
スイスのノーベル化学賞受賞の化学者クルト・ヴュートリッヒさんや、アメリカのペンシルバニア大の物質名誉教授ラスタム・ロイさんや、他の物理学教授も、江本さんと一緒にこの水の研究をされているみたいです。 予告編↓
They created also a movie "Water". I knew it today, through my net surfing.
I would like to see it someday.
They show the movie every Wednesday at Asakusa.
Nobel laureate in chemistry of Swiss; Kurt Wüthrich, The professor of the state university of Pennsylvania & member of the international academy of science; Rustum Roy, and other doctors of science are also doing the laboratory of water with Mr. Emoto. The trailer ↓
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To be continued to Vol.3.

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