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Holy Sign - 聖なる印 -

懸賞 2009年 02月 06日 懸賞

(English following Japanese)

I will tell some mystery story.

What do you think this picture ?
Holy Sign - 聖なる印 -_f0186787_23571023.jpg

なんの絵に見えると思いますか? 笑
What is it look like ? : )

This picture is the hint. : )

ぜひ、皆さん、何の絵なのか、ちゃんと考えていただいてから、続きを読んでいただきたいです・・笑 ↓
I would like you to go to next after you thought something, what the above picture is.. : )

Did you think anything ?
OK, now let's go to find the answer !

Can you see the angel like that angel of the above picture, who is looking back over her right wing ?

ほら・・ ね?
See... ?
Holy Sign - 聖なる印 -_f0186787_23573113.jpg

Holy Sign - 聖なる印 -_f0186787_23571023.jpgHoly Sign - 聖なる印 -_f0186787_23573113.jpg

In fact, this is...



My angel on my left shoulder.
That is my beauty mark of an angel !! (and, she also has a light ring on her head !)
(I'm showing the picture with black and white, without colors, because I don't want you make surprised. haha.)

子どものころ、たったの5つほどしかなかったほくろが、大きくなるにつれて、たくさん増えていきました。 高校生くらいでしたでしょうか、この写真のように、形と数がとどまりました。
When I was a child, there were only just 5 spots on my shoulder, but they got increasing. When I became a high school student, then, it stopped increasing and formed like that first picture.


「は!! 天使に見える!!」

そのほくろが天使だというのに気づいたのは実はごく最近でした。 ちょっと正確には覚えていませんが、おそらく2006年か、2007年です。

I didn't like that mark when I was a child, but one day, I saw the mirror and stared my beauty marks.

"Oh !! I can see it's an angel !!"

I was recently noticed that form was an angel. I'm not sure exactly when, but, I think I found it out in 2006 or 2007.

Naomi Angelという名前も大学卒業したころから使い始め、いつか、イラストレーターになったら、この名前にするんだ・・と決めていました。


In fact, while I was a child, I wasn't interested in angels. But, after I was 19 or 20, I started to collect angels' goods. Like accessories of angels.
And, I started to use "Angel" for my e-mail accounts, necessarily.
I also started to use the name "Naomi Angel" after I graduated the University. And, also decided I would use this name as a illustrator someday.
At beginning, I was collecting accessories of angels, but, after the graduation of the Univ., I started to have the sixth sense, could feel the angelic exists who always protect me.
Then, now, I'm an illustrator drawing angels.

When I found out the beauty marks mean "Angel" in 2006(or 2007),
I realized I was born to draw angels.
That's why I have the angel sign on my shoulder to never forget..

And, everyone...

One more mystery story...

私が初めて描いた天使の絵って、これなんです。 この絵は2001年に描いたものです。
The first angel art which I drew was this one. I drew it in 2001.

The angel is looking back over her right wing like my beauty marks on the left shoulder.
I drew this picture many years ago before I found out my beauty mark was "Angel" in 2006(or 2007).

いえ・・・ 必然なんですよね・・・
「私はあなたのそばにずっといます。 あなたとずっといっしょに仕事をするんですよ。」って。
Is it an accident ?
No, it's a necessity.
The angel has been sending messages to me.
"I'm always by your side. I will work with you forever."

いやぁ、自然の力で、こんな天使のタトゥーができるなんて・・と思うと・・ なんだか、とても不思議なパワーを感じます。
しかもですね、英語で、ほくろって、「Beauty Mark」(美のマーク)って言うんですって。笑。
素敵な名前ですね。 (他には、"mole"と表現します。)
So, now, I'm proud of my beauty marks. : )
I wonder how the nature could make the sign as such an angel tattoo.
I feel some miracle power.
I didn't know it (mole) is called "Beauty Mark" in English. That's wonderful ! : )
(In Japanese, "Hokuro")

I will talk about the power of words. : )

← 今日の話はどうでしたでしょうか???
← What did you think for this story ???

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